Costa Cruises Costa Cruises’ fleet of ships, easily recognizable by their trademark yellow chimneys, offer a host of activities and entertainments on board, along with just the right ingredients for an exciting trip. Costa Cruises is Europe’s largest fleet of cruise ships, and will present you with endless choices of itineraries, stylish accommodations, and exciting amenities.

Each ship is dedicated to providing physical and emotional wellness for all ages, whether you’re sailing one of Costa Cruises’ larger ships or one of their smaller, more intimate vessels.

Costa Cruises travel to a fascinating range of destinations - from Europe, America, and Asia, to the Middle East, Africa and more, and offer an impressive number of excursions. Costa Cruises has won a host of awards over the years including those in the category ‘Best Cruise Line of the Year 2008’ as well as the prestigious Green Planet Award.

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