Norwegian cruise line
On a Norwegian cruise (NCL), you’re invited to enjoy all the advantages of life on a luxury liner.


As part of Norwegian cruise deals, you have the freedom to plan your days any way you see fit - ‘freestyle’ cruising means you can select the very best entertainment on offer, the type of activities to pursue onboard, and dine somewhere new every day.

Norwegian’s Breakaway Class leads the fleet in innovation, design, and amenities, while the extraordinary Dawn, Jewel and Sun classes provide everything passengers need for an unforgettable vacation. The youngest fleet of cruise liners in the industry, Norwegian’s 11 ships sail practically everywhere – to Alaska, the Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda, Canada, New England, Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and more.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is a multiple award-winner, and a consistent presence on Reader’s Choice Awards ‘Top Cruise Line Travel Lists’, ‘Best of Travel Lists’ and ‘Best Family Cruise Vacation Travel Lists’ having featured every year since 2006.

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