Bordering the U.S.A. to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the south, and flanked in the west by the Pacific Ocean, and in the east the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, Mexico is nearly two million square kilometers of desert, rainforest, mountains, and picturesque coastline. The North American country is home to some 114 million people and 68 indigenous languages. It has one of the richest histories in the world and combines the traditional with the contemporary, offering everything from sandy beaches to vibrant city centers.

A variety of companies offer cruises to the Mexican Riviera, with the majority of liners departing from ports in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach). A lesser number make the journey from as far north as San Francisco. Some cruise lines only operate between September and May, with their ships heading to Alaska during the summer months, so this may limit your choices. Those visitors wishing to take in Mexico’s east coast should embark on a West Caribbean cruise.